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Ugreen USB-C 3.0 > 2.5-Inch SATA Converter 50cm Black

Ugreen - USB-C 3.0 > 2.5-Inch SATA Converter 50cm Black

Artnr: IDS0120200
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

26.00 EUR/pcs


UGREEN USB 3.0 to 2,5" SATA Adapter
Efficient data transmission between devices with USB 3.0 and 2.5" SATA ports. Compatible with large capacity SATA drives (up to 5TB).

For daily use
An adapter that allows you to easily work with your drive, copy, and recover files. Record and back up your favorite series, movies, and music.

The easy and intuitive installation allows you to connect your console, router, laptop or TV. Auto Sleep" mode allows you to save power when you're not using the drive. An LED lamp indicates the operating status of the device. The included USB cable is made of high-quality, flexible material.

Safe and secure
Created for stable, fast, and secure data transmission. A number of security features protect both the device and the drive. You don't have to worry about overheating, overvoltage or overvoltage.