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Erica Synths
Erica Synths Bass Drum
Bass Drum
Erica Synths Bass Drum is developed in collaboration with the French company e-licktron...
303.00 EUR
Novation Circuit Tracks
Circuit Tracks
Extraordinary standalone groovebox for the modern producer. With two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks, creative FX and on-the-go capabilities, itÔÇÖs the perfect hands-on device for the agile music maker.
351.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths Clap
Erica Synths Clap is developed together with French company e-licktronic and it's our t...
173.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths Drum Mixer
Drum Mixer
Erica Synths Drum Mixer with extended headroom and a dedicated drum compressor of uniqu...
242.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths Drum Sequencer
Drum Sequencer
The Drum Sequencer is easy to use, classical X0X style live performance oriented sequen...
710.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths Drum Synthesizer LXR-02
Drum Synthesizer LXR-02
A full-fledged digital drum machine with an integrated sequencer
634.00 EUR
Arturia Drumbrute Impact
Drumbrute Impact
Streamlined analog drum machine with high-energy, big-attitude sounds, 10-voice analog drum machine. Powerful sequencer 64 patterns, looper, roller etc.
294.00 EUR
Korg Drumlogue
Analogue, digital and sample-based sound generation, 4 Analogue parts, 6 Sample-based parts, Multi-engine part with VPM synthesis, Noise generator and 24 slots for custom synthesizer.15 Knobs, Volume control for all 11 parts, 64 Steo Sequencer.
451.00 EUR
Moog Drummer From Another Mother
Drummer From Another Mother
806.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths EDU DIY Hi-Hat
Eurorack module, DIY, hi-hat
96.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths EDU DIY Kick Drum
EDU DIY Kick Drum
Eurorack module, DIY, kick drum
96.00 EUR
Yamaha FGDP-30
Finger Drum Pad, Ultra-sensitive pads in an optimized layout, 39 preset kits and 1,212 voices/instruments, USB MIDI and audio, Built-in speaker, Rechargeable battery, Aux in, Easy UI and voice guide, Two registration buttons.
204.00 EUR
Yamaha FGDP-50
Ultra-sensitive pads, Eight RGB Pads, 48 preset kits and 1,500 voices/instruments, USB MIDI and audio, Built-in speaker, Rechargeable battery, Aux in, Playback sampler, USB audio player/recorder, Auto-accompaniment Session Creator.
341.00 EUR
Korg KR-11 Rhythm Machine
KR-11 Rhythm Machine
Compact rhythm machine, 126 patterns in various genres, 14 user pattern slots, 16 velocity-sensitive pads and lots of sounds, Built-in speaker system
148.00 EUR
Sonicware Liven Bass & Beats
Liven Bass & Beats
Wavetable bass synthesizer and groovebox, 2 Independent oscillators with 64 wavetables, 1 sub-oscillator, Over 150 drum samples, Over 50FX samples, 64-Step sequencer.
317.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths Perkons HD-01
Perkons HD-01
PERKONS HD-01 is a unique live performance and sound design instrument that tears down the borders between drum machine, synthesizer, and drone instrument.
2159.00 EUR
Digitech SDRUM
High-quality drum samples with multiple velocity layers, 5 drum kits, Create up to 3 song parts, Storage for up to 36 songs, 0.52 kg, 133.4 mm x 76.2 mm x 62.2 mm.
399.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths Snare Drum
Snare Drum
Erica Synths Snare Drum is developed in collaboration with the French company e-licktro...
256.00 EUR
Alesis SR-16 Drummachine
SR-16 Drummachine
As one of the most popular drum machines ever made, the SR-16Ôäó has been used by e...
162.00 EUR
Alesis SR-18 Drummachine
SR-18 Drummachine
Drummachine. Large, 32MB sound set with percussion bank and bass synth. Reverb, EQ and Compression. Battery Power for max portability. Pattern Play Mode enables different patterns to be triggered from the pads directly.
287.00 EUR
Electro-Harmonix Super Spacedrum
Super Spacedrum
A faithful reissue of the cult-classic released in 1979, the SSD uses analog synthesis...
144.00 EUR
Roland T-8 Beat Machine
T-8 Beat Machine
Ultra-portable rhythm and bass machine with genuine Roland sounds. Six rhythm tracks with sounds from the influential TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606 drum machines.
201.00 EUR
Erica Synths
Erica Synths Toms
Erica Synths Toms is developed in collaboration with the French company e-licktronick a...
404.00 EUR
Roland TR-06
Detailed replica of the classic Roland TR-606, with some major modern upgrades.
429.00 EUR
Roland TR-08
Boutique-version of the legendary drummachine TR-808 with same sound, character and layout.
441.00 EUR
Roland TR-6S
Six-track version of the TR-8S in a compact and affordable package, Detailed circuit models of the Roland TR-808, TR-909, TR-606, TR-707, CR-78 and more.
441.00 EUR
Roland TR-8S
Born of the most famous and influential drum machines ever made. esign Kits with Authentic TR Drums,Sampled Sounds, and Effects.
782.00 EUR
Roland Verselab MV-1
Verselab MV-1
Finish complete songs with inspiring hands-on workflow, Record vocals with modern effects like Auto-Pitch, Harmonizer, and Doubler.
752.00 EUR
Korg Volca Beats
Volca Beats
The Korg Volca Beats analog rhythm machine is part of Korg's Volca series -- a lineup o...
162.00 EUR
Korg Volca Drum
Volca Drum
153.00 EUR
Korg Volca Kick
Volca Kick
153.00 EUR
Korg Volca Kick [B-STOCK]
Volca Kick [B-STOCK]
[B-STOCK] - Customer return, unpacked and tested. As good as new. Full guarantee.
144.00 EUR 187.00 EUR
Korg Volca Sample Next Generation
Volca Sample Next Generation
162.00 EUR