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Novation FLKEY-37
Ultimate full-size MIDI keyboard for hands-on production in FL Studio with controls for Sequencer, Channel Rack and Mixer, and creative Scale and Chord modes. 37 keys, 8 pots, 16 RGB pads.
203.00 EUR
Icon Ikeyboard 4 Mini
Ikeyboard 4 Mini
USB MIDI Controller Keyboard with 37 keys, Extremely compact construction, Octave up/down buttons, Combined pitch/modulation joystick, Combined Gate/Arp(type) joystick to adjust arpeggiator different parameters, MIDI out, USB bus-powered
107.00 EUR
iCon iKeyboard 4Nano
iKeyboard 4Nano
The Icon iKeyboard Nano Series combines 37-key semi-weighted keyboards with a single ch...
134.00 EUR
iCon iKeyboard 4X
iKeyboard 4X
The Icon iKeyboard X Series combines 37 key piano keyboards with a single channel DAW c...
134.00 EUR
IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2
iRig Keys 2
156.00 EUR
IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 Pro
iRig Keys 2 Pro
IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 Pro; usb controller keyboard; 37 full-size keys with velocity...
184.00 EUR
IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia iRig KEYS with Lightning
iRig KEYS with Lightning
37 velocity-sensitive mini-sized keys (a 3 full octaves range plus one note)
181.00 EUR
Arturia Keystep 37
Keystep 37
Easy-to-use 64-step sequencer, arpeggiator and MIDI keyboard. Velocity-sensitive 37-note keybed, complete with aftertouch and RGB LED feedback, USB, MIDI, CV. White.
210.00 EUR
Arturia Keystep Pro
Keystep Pro
517.00 EUR
Arturia Keystep Pro Chroma
Keystep Pro Chroma
A special edition of ARTURIA's 4-track sequencer & controller keyboard, 37 slim keys with velocity and aftertouch, 4-track step sequencer, Polyphonic CV outputs, 24-part polyrhythmic drum sequencer, 589x209x38 mm, 2.7 kg.
557.00 EUR
Novation Launchkey 37 MK3
Launchkey 37 MK3
37 velocity sensitive keys, 16 RGB backlit velocity sensitive pads, Pitch bend and modulation wheels, 8 knobs, 5 pin MIDI out socket, Arp/scale/fixed chord buttons, Octave up/down buttons, Play/stop/record/loop button
200.00 EUR
Korg MicroKEY2-37
Computers and software have long been prominent role in the contemporary music creation...
94.00 EUR
Korg MicroKEY2-37 AIR
MicroKEY2-37 AIR
148.00 EUR
Akai MPC Key 37
MPC Key 37
Stand Alone MPC Production Keyboard, 37 note keyboard. 10 GB of sounds, over 100 onboard effects, 16 RGB MPC pads, 7" colour touch screen, 2 MIDI I/O, 8 CV/Gate outputs, 2in(2out USB audio interface with MIDI I/O. 58.22x31.39x10.36cm, 4 kg.
959.00 EUR
Akai MPK Mini Plus
MPK Mini Plus
37-key Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed, 8 RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads, Step Sequencer, CV/Gate I/O, 5-pin MIDI In/MIDI Out, Dedicated Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels, Assignable Joystick Controller, DAW Transport Controls, 8 Assignable Rotary Knobs
173.00 EUR
Alesis Vortex 2 Wireless
Vortex 2 Wireless
USB/MIDI keytar controller with accelerometer, 37 Velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch, 8 velocity-sensitive RGB illuminated Performance Pads, 8 illuminated faders for volume or parameter control.
287.00 EUR
CME Xkey 37 AIR
Xkey 37 AIR
Wireless MIDI keyboard, Ultra slim design and light design, 37 standard size keys, Professional velocity sensitivity and polyphonic aftertouch, rechargable battery, PitchBend buttons, Modulation button, Octave +/- and Sustain buttons
305.00 EUR
CME xKey 37 LE
xKey 37 LE
Portability meets functionality. Awesome! 37 Velocity-sensitive keys with polyphonic aftertouch, Two pitch bend buttons, Modulation button, Two octave buttons (+/-), Sustain button
222.00 EUR