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Mapex Saturn SR628XURQ Scarlet Fade

Mapex - Saturn SR628XURQ Scarlet Fade

Artnr: IDS0116419
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

2599.00 EUR/tk

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The New Mapex *Nodal Line Air Flow Venting Scheme gives Saturn a superior feel and just the right amount of resonance. Whether tuning up high for jazz and fusion or down deep for rock-n-roll, the unique Maple and Walnut shell composition, complete with SONIClear™ bearing edges, results in clear and focused toms and a bass drum that sounds bigger than it should.

The Maple and Walnut hybrid shell produces a strong attack and a rich tone that projects well in live settings and tracks perfectly in the studio. It's the classic Saturn sound.
Saturn comes standard with Mapex SONIClear™ Bearing Edges allowing for the direct transmission of sound, reducing unwanted frequencies and providing a strong fundamental pitch and an effortless tuning experience especially at lower tunings.
The static 90 degree floor tom legs with Sonic pedestal feet eliminate the transfer of energy to the floor keeping maximum resonance in the drum.
Toms and bass drums have different combinations of vent holes. These air flow vents are placed at the Nodal line with the lugs, so as to not affect the resonance of the shells.
Mapex Triple Flanged Power Hoops
Maple and Walnut Hybrid Shell
SAS 0 Lacquer Finishes
Air Flow Venting
Scarlet Fade
SONIClear™ Tom Suspension