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Analog Cases UNISON Case For Waldorf M

Analog Cases - UNISON Case For Waldorf M

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Analog Cases
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The Analog Cases UNISON Case For Waldorf M, Iridium and Kyra utilises aluminium framing which provides exceptional durability, keeping your synth protected whilst on the move. The UNISON case also features custom-cut foam inserts, complete with a cable storage compartment, which cushions your equipment and keeps it secure whilst moving from place to place. A top layer of shell foam cushions also help to protect the knobs and buttons on your synth.

The lightweight design measures at a third of the weight of traditional road cases, making transporting your synth easier than ever. The black laminated wood panel exterior features metal latches that can be optionally locked for added security.

Please Note: Images are for reference only, the UNISON Case DOES NOT include any synthesizer.

Full Description
Designed to accommodate the Waldorf F, Iridium and Kyra
Lightweight and durable construction
Rugged aluminium framing and corner protectors
Custom cut foam insert with cable storage compartment
Top eggshell foam cushions your synth and protects knobs
Metal latches; can optionally be locked for extra security (2 keys included)
Black laminated wood panel exterior

External dimensions: 23.62 x 13.74 x 5.12 Inches