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Zoom UAC-232

Zoom - UAC-232

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With its compact design, the UAC-232 can be easily transported and placed anywhere. Set it up vertically, horizontally, or even mount it to a mic stand with the included hook-and-loop straps. The unit is bus-powered via your computer or requires an external USB-C power source (available separately) when operating with a Lightning-enabled iOS device.
Content creators, podcasters, streamers, and musicians will find capturing and streaming high-quality audio extraordinarily easy with the Zoom UAC-232, the company's first dedicated, 2-in / 2-out audio interface with 32-bit float recording, professional preamps, and easy mixing controls. The UAC-232 uses dual AD converters and 32-bit float / 192 kHz technology to capture clip-free, low-noise recordings no matter how loud or quiet a performance gets. While this can save takes that would otherwise be lost due to changes in volume, it also means that you can be free from the responsibility of adjusting gain and stay focused on creating your original content.

Main features
Musicians, Podcasters, Streamers
USB-C for Computers, Lightning iPhone
2 F-Series Mic/Line/Hi-Z Preamps, 48V
Headphone Out, L/R Monitor Outs
32-Bit Float / 192 kHz AD/DA Conversion
Music- and Streaming-Mode Routings
Bus-Powered Mac/Windows
Latency-Free Monitoring, Loopback Mode
MIDI 5-Pin I/O
Works with Mix Control Software (Free)