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Zildjian 18

Zildjian - 18" Z Custom Crash

Artnr: IDS0127296
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Zildjian 18" Z Custom Crash
After a 15-years hiatus, and 30 years since their inception, the coveted Z Custom cymbal series returns to the Zildjian portfolio in 2024. Z Custom is positioned to address Metal’s growing worldwide popularity. The reimagined Z Custom series delivers explosive, bright, and loud sounds that drummers have been requesting for years. Updated production process has made the series more durable, and all cymbals sport a star hammer pattern reminiscent of the original Z Custom line. Z Custom cymbals are built for stage or studio, allowing for limitless musical expression.

Z Custom crashes bring unrivaled power and energy to any drum kit.  When heavier music demands maximum volume, Z Custom crashes cut above the on-stage mix and project with brightness, power and loudness.

Size: 18"
Model: Crash
The most-requested Zildjian cymbal family
Slightly lighter in weight compared to original Z Custom crashes
Bright, cutting, and explosive sound
High projection without sacrificing tone or musicality
Improved durability
Material: Cast B20 bronze
Brilliant finish with original star pattern hammering