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Yamaha CHR15M

Yamaha CHR15M Yamaha CHR15M Yamaha CHR15M Yamaha CHR15M Yamaha CHR15M

Yamaha - CHR15M

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The CHR15M is a 2-way loudspeaker featuring a 15-inch woofer and a 1.75-inch HF driver in a space saving coaxial configuration with a custom-designed constant directivity horn, perfect for use as a floor monitor. Combining carefully selected and customized transducers with the same plywood construction found on Yamaha’s high-end CZR Series, the CHR15M offers best-in-class sound quality and durability.

The coaxial driver delivers precise, smooth phase and frequency response characteristics ideal for use in monitoring applications
Featuring a plywood cabinet that delivers a clear sound with minimal vibration
Compact, low profile, plywood enclosure with a polyurea coating for a robust, scratch-resistant surface
A pole socket for use on a stand
Yamaha DSP equipped amplifiers or other compatible signal processors have dedicated speaker processor tuning settings to maximize system performance.

Performance. Optimized.
The CHR Series offers an ideal solution for anyone ready to step up their sound reinforcement game to a new level of professional quality, accuracy, and performance. Premium plywood cabinets finished in a tough polyurea coating provide durability not found on other loudspeakers in this class.

Each model in the series has been optimized to meet the demands of a variety of sound reinforcement applications, with CHR12 and CHR10 for fixed installation and utilities, CHR15M and CHR12M designed for use as floor monitors, and CHR15 for FOH applications —all featuring carefully selected custom transducers. Combined with practical features adapted for their specific applications, the CHR series gives you the flexibility to choose the ideal speaker for a wide variety of sonic environments. Isn’t it time you audition CHR quality and performance to improve your sound?

Cabinet designs optimized for a range of audio environments
The CHR Series features a comprehensive lineup of loudspeakers with cabinets optimized to meet the demands of specific applications.

CHR10 and CHR12 are equipped with rotating horns and a dedicated U-bracket for use in fixed installations and utility, while CHR12M and CHR15M feature a coaxial compression driver for improved clarity and smoother frequency response for floor monitoring. The series is rounded out by CHR15, which features rigging points for use in fixed installations. CHR12 and CHR15 also feature dual-angle pole sockets, allowing them to be used as temporary main speakers for sound reinforcement.

Custom Designed Transducers
The high power output woofers deliver well-defined, powerful bass with minimal distortion, while the 1.4” precision compression driver* produces accurate mid-range and high frequencies.

* CHR12M and CHR15M feature a 1.75" coaxial compression driver.

A Rugged, Highly Portable Cabinet
The CHR series feature plywood enclosures like our acclaimed CZR loudspeakers to deliver outstanding durability and acoustic performance.

Intelligent processing to maximize system performance
When used in combination with Yamaha PX Series amplifiers or other compatible signal processors, CHR Series loudspeakers can take full advantage of dedicated speaker processor tuning settings. (*Supported firmware is Ver1.63 or later.)

Dual-Angle Pole Mount Socket (CHR15, CHR12)
Depending on the venue, sometimes your mix can fall prey to low ceilings or other room attributes that can impede a clear, even mix and detract from the audiences' listening experience significantly. The CHR15 and CHR12's pole mount socket offers two positions - 0° or -7° - to direct the acoustic energy away from reflective surfaces and on to your audience where it belongs.

CHR15M Specifications
15" Cone
3" Voice Coil
1.75" HF
123 dB SPL max.
58 Hz – 20 kHz
642 x 369 x 505 mm (W x H x D)