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Golden Age Project GA-47 Extended

Golden Age Project - GA-47 Extended

Artnr: IDS0081957
Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva.

2377.00 EUR/pcs


Are you looking for the same great sound as in the GA-47 but with some added flexibility?
The GA-47 Extended has a removable capsule head in the same format as the vintage U-47, meaning that you can use vintage heads on the GA-47 Extended or one of GAP heads on a vintage U-47.

It also has the polar pattern switch on the front of the mic below the grille and an aviation style mic cable socket for an even stronger vintage vibe. 

The standard capsule head is the GA-47 Extended HV, using a M7/K47-style vintage style capsule (our model name = S47d) with a darker tone, having just about the same sound as our standard GA-47 model. 
It can also ship with the GA-47 Extended HM capsule head using the K67-style capsule (our model name = D35d) that has a brighter tone or with both capsule heads.

Please note that GA-47 Extended HV capsule head with its single backplate capsule design has a lower sensitivity meaning that the GA-47 Extended output level will be lower with this capsule head.   

What´s the difference between GA-47 and GA-47 Extended with the HM capsule head (= the same capsule)?

In order to achieve a vintage sound in the GA-47, there are some measures used in the circuit design that attenuates the higher frequencies.

Since there is a second capsule head available for the GA-47 Extended, the HV, using a M7/K47-style capsule, it was not necessary to attenuate the high frequency range in the circuit design. This is the reason why the GA-47 Extended with the HM capsule head has a higher level in the upper frequency range and a more open sound compared to the GA-47.
If the user wants a darker vintage style sound, its easy to replace the standard HM capsule head with the HV capsule head.

As an additional feature, there is -10dB PAD switch on the GA-47 Extended power supply, so that it can be used for use during recording high SPL instrument such as kick drum.