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Avantone Pro CK-6

Avantone Pro - CK-6

Artnr: IDS0014502
Tarneaeg: 3-8 tööpäeva.

236.00 EUR/tk


The AVANTONE "Cabernet (C-series)" mics from AVANT ELECTRONICS are designed to offer true professional performance. They will meet or surpass the performance and specifications of much higher priced mics.
The AVANTONE CK-6 is truly a gorgeous looking and sounding microphone. The design, character and performance can be compared directly to fine studio-standard FET mics...but at a fraction of their cost! AVANTONE's rugged CK-6 microphone body and capsule assembly are precision machined of BRASS.
Aesthetically the compact body features an elegant Metallic Cabernet Wine-Red finish, accented with polished nickel trim and grill. The transformerless Discreet Class A FET circuitry will yield pleasing professional results comparable to much more expensive designs.

AVANTONE Custom Retro Shockmount
Elegant padded genuine wooden Mic box
Padded Aluminum storage / travel case
Padded Aluminum storage / travel case
Owners Manual