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Shure QLXD14SM35-K51

Shure - QLXD14SM35-K51

Artnr: IDS0080676
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

1419.00 EUR/pcs


The wireless QLX-D system by Shure provides AES-256 encryption, easy installation, even easier controls and excellent audio for medium-sized events and installations. This set consists of the QLX-D4 receiver, the QLX-D1 bodypack transmitter and the SM35 headset. 

Shure QLX-D14 - SM35 (K51, 606 - 670 MHz) headset wireless
This particular QLX-D14 - SM35 wireless headset system is ideal for musicians as well as for use during events, conferences, school plays, church services and in hotels. It offers more on-air channels than any other wireless system. Furthermore, an Ethernet connector is present for the scanning of channels of multiple receivers within a network environment. For the advanced coordination of frequencies, the Shure Wireless Workbench 6 control software can be used.

SM35 headset
The SM35 is specifically designed to provide multi-instrumentalists and vocalists with the freedom that they need to perform well, as a handheld microphone often gets in the way for these artists. In order to reproduce all details accurately, the microphone uses a condenser capsule with cardioid pickup pattern. Thanks to this pickup pattern, the microphone only reproduces the sound that is in front of the microphone. The chances of feedback and crosstalk are therefore reduced effectively. This headset is more than suitable for multi-instrumentalists and also ideal for the public speaker who likes to have his or her hands free. Sport and dancing instructors will also happily use this mic. Your speech and vocals are accurately reproduced!