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Korg HA-S NuTekt Headphone amplifier DIY Kit

Korg - HA-S NuTekt Headphone amplifier DIY Kit

Artnr: IDS0089984
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

305.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 12.81 eurot


Do It Yourself
Half of the fun here is the do it yourself aspect. With absolutely no soldering required, you can craft the HA-S quickly and easily. A transparent exterior allows you to visualise your hard work at the end too, with the subdued tube glow visible during use. If you fancy taking customisation to the next-level, there’s even easily accessible circuit diagrams. They make it straightforward when it comes to swapping out components, allowing you to really create a truly individual headphone amp which meets your desired performance and tonal specifications!

Nutube is just like your standard, traditional vacuum tube. However, it manages to deliver the exact same varied harmonics and response as its conventional counterpart, just in a far more energy-efficient and compact manner. This is because its powered using a DC to DC converter; a piece of tech which needs far less electricity to operate. The result is increased battery life – lasting much longer than many other vacuum tube amps.

Sonic Exploration
Select from either a crisp, hi-fi sound or a contrasting warm, harmonically layered sound using the innovative negative feedback switch. While on, any frequency/distortion ratio will be affected, in turn enhancing detail; while it is off, any harmonics get amplified, boosting the richness and textures in your tone.

There’s even the option of two OP amps designed for the output. The NJM4580 and MUSE01 can be changed in and out to adapt the sound of your HA-S even further. The possibilities available to you here are really impressive.