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DAP Audio PMM-401

DAP Audio - PMM-401

Artnr: IDS0083423
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

94.00 EUR/pcs

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The DAP Pro Audio Solutions are a complete line-up of audio tools for the professional musician or audio engineer. It is a series of audio modifying tools like mini-mixers, pre-amps and converters available in active or passive models. All audio solutions are designed to meet the highest stage and audio demands and feature a metal road proof housing with rubber feet and easy accessible controls. The units also have a small footprint which make them ideal to be used and placed in any environment where space is critical.

The PMM-401 is a four channel passive mixer for expanding a mixer with extra line signals. It requires no batteries or other power source. The unit can be used as a 1-in 4-out box then all controls are turned completely clockwise. It is a use full tool that will help you at unforeseen situations.
no power-supply needed
stereo in- and outputs
4-in, 1-out mixer
1-in, 4-out splitter