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Soundsation BPCXX-10BK

Soundsation - BPCXX-10BK

Artnr: IDS0127152
Tarneaeg: 4-11 t├Â├Âp├Ąeva.

42.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 7.14 euro


Speaker cable XLR 3P F - XLR 3P M / 2x1.3 mm² / 10mt

Soundsation GO-LINK series is a professional line of assembled cables born to provide full reliability for a wide range of applications. Built in Oxigen Free Copper, the GO-LINK series means quality construction, effective shielding , preserved tone and rugged durability. Available for instruments, microphones, speakers, GO-LINKS series also includes cables for data transmission and digital applications.