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Shure RPW202 Nexadyne Cardioid Wireless Head Nickel

Shure - RPW202 Nexadyne Cardioid Wireless Head Nickel

Artnr: IDS0127395
Tarneaeg: 2-10 t├Â├Âp├Ąeva.

399.00 EUR/tk

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RPW202 Nexadyne™ 8/C Nickel is a cardioid dynamic microphone capsule for professional voice recording. The Nexadyne 8 features the new patented Shure Revonic™ dual-Engine Technology, where two carefully calibrated capsules work together to achieve optimal performance. The result is a high-performance microphone series that combines state-of-the-art acoustic signal processing, exceptional cardioid polarity linearity and superb noise reduction. The clean and natural cardioid pattern of the Nexadyne 8/C means that the vocals easily reach every corner of the room. Built with the standard of reliability, durability and performance that only Shure can offer. 

Dual-capsule acoustic signal processing enables outstanding signal clarity and reduces the need for typical correction EQ.
Shure stands for reliability and delivers innovative product you can trust
Shock-resistant hardened grille.
Compatible with all Shure handheld transmitters with interchangeable microphone capsules.