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Magma DJ-Controller Workstation DDJ-1000

Magma - DJ-Controller Workstation DDJ-1000

Artnr: IDS0067736
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

307.00 EUR/pcs 153.00 EUR/pcs

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Customized to transport and protect the Pioneer DDJ-1000 DJ-Controller. Crafted from 9 mm vinyl laminated plywood, sturdy aluminum profiles, heavy duty butterfly latches and smooth rolling wheels it provides you with secure transport and workstation in one. Thanks to the integrated gliding laptop platform and the convenient cable access port, the setup is ready for action in no time at all.

Pioneer DDJ-1000
Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT

Heavy duty construction of 9 mm vinyl laminated plywood
Solid aluminum profiles and spring loaded latches
Incl. gliding laptop platform (removable)
Full padded interior keeps controller well-protected
Incl. recessed wheels for easy transportation
Detachable front cover/panel
Solid rubber feet

Outer measures: 80 x 51 x 23 cm
Inner measures: 70,7 x 35,4 x 5,1 cm (Controller-compartment)
Weight: 16,4 kg
Color: black/black