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Peavey Classic 20 Micro Head

Peavey - Classic 20 Micro Head

Artnr: IDS0037534
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Classic 20 Micro Head has is equipped with 3 12AX7 tubes in the pre-stage and 2 x EL84 in the output stage. With the Classic 20, you get the same tonality and gain structures of the other classic amplifiers. The preamplifier consists of two channels share a 3-band EQ. Each channel has volume boost that can be controlled from the foot control. Loops and reverb are.

You can control 4 functions of the foot pedals, channel, boost (both channels), reverb and loop. The output stage can be set from 20W, 5W and 1W. There is a built-in sound card with USB output so that you can lose your signal straight to your computer. You can also drain the amplifier signal line level with miksimulator to go straight into a sound card or lajna amplifier live.

Tube amp
3x 12AX7 / ECC83 of the pre
2x EL84 of the final step
Power amplifier output can be set between 20 Watt, 5 Watt or 1 Watt
Two independent channels. Rhythm and Lead, which can be changed from the foot pedal
3 band EQ
Pre- and post gain on each channel
Crunch switch on lead channel., Which can be controlled by a foot pedal
Reverb with volume control, which can be controlled by a foot pedal
Patented Microphone Simulated Direct Interface (MSDI ™) with earth switch and speaker shutdown
Speaker output impedance selector between 16 or 8 ohms, to give maximum power output depending on the speaker cabinet.
TSI ™ tube control with LED Pass / Fail indicators
Buffered effects loop
The speaker output on / off switch
USB output, microphone simulated digital output for recording directly to PC without a sound card.
Headphones, 35mm socket