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Kemper Profiler Bag For Head

Kemper - Profiler Bag For Head

Artnr: IDS0033474
Tarneaeg: 20-40 tööpäeva.

88.00 EUR/tk

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With an amp that's as cool as the Kemper Profiling Amp, you don't want it knocking around the back of the van unprotected. The Kemper Profiling Amp Bag is specifically designed to accommodate the Profiling Amp's lunchbox-size chassis. It will guard against bumps and bruises, as well as ward off dust and dirt. So don't risk it. Get the Profiling Amp Bag and rest easier. The cushioned grip comes with a velcro lock and the shoulder belt is adjustable to fit your needs. The 25 mm thick padding ensures that your valuable hardware is well protected, and there is plenty of additional room in the outer pocket to store things like cables and pedals.