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Behringer Bugera 5881-4

Behringer - Bugera 5881-4

Artnr: IDS0016364
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The Bugera 5881-4 Pack Power Amp Tubes are subject to rigorous quality tests such as a 48-hour burn-in test and their vibration table test. 5881's are also more commonly referred to as 6L6 tubes. The 6L6 and 5881's are the most popular tubes currently used in guitar amps. The tonal qualities of the 6L6 and 5881 emphasize lows and highs with a somewhat relaxed (some will call it scooped) midrange, and is equally at home pushing out sparkling and chiming cleans, swampy surf sounds, or high-gain dropped-D chugging. Their versatility has led many amplifiers to use these tubes as the backbone of their channel-switching amp designs, as they tend to sound great when being fed varying amounts of gain from clean, to crunch, to CRUSH. The headroom capabilities are great for high-power clean setups, or to keep the low end robust in high-gain rhythm guitar scenarios.