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Dunlop DD25v3 UNICORN Dookie Drive

Dunlop - DD25v3 UNICORN Dookie Drive

Artnr: IDS0090499
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

252.00 EUR/tk

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February 1st 1994 saw the release of a landmark album, brimming with teenage angst, distorted power-chord riffs and all the hallmarks of punk and grunge. The album catapulted Green Day into the mainstream, that album was the now legendary ‘Dookie’…

One of the main factors behind Dookie’s success was Billie Joe Armstrong’s abrasive, meaty and tight guitar tone. The secret behind how he achieved this tone was revealed as a blending of two heavily modified Marshall Super Leads. The first was heavily scooped in the mids and set with searing high gain, whilst the other was set with a cleaner tone, with more punch. Much experimentation was done to find the sweet spot, and the result is what you hear on the album Dookie. Now, this iconic tone is available in a compact stompbox, MXR’s ‘Dookie Drive V3’.