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SIM1 - XT-1-C

Artnr: IDS0079028
Tarneaeg: 3-10 tööpäeva.

618.00 EUR/pcs

Igakuine kuumakse alates 21.23 eurot


With the brand new pedal that profiles the various guitar models SIM1 XT-1 your electric guitar will sound like the best guitars of your dreams. It is not midi, and it is not a sampling: it is an innovative technology never seen before!

We call it Smart Tone Shaping (STS - patented technology) and allows you to perfectly emulate the tone of any guitar of your choice, allowing you to play naturally, without latency or digital artifacts. Keep playing your guitar, but enjoy the freedom of a whole world of tones with the SIM1 XT-1 processor that profiles the various types of guitar and makes them available in one instrument !!!
First, connect your guitar to the XT-1 and create a guitar profile in a minute. about. Just play a special chromatic scale, 6 notes per string, covering a relevant portion of the guitar's extension range (see the pedal instructions for the tutorial).
So, choose your favorite guitars from the preloaded sounds of the SIM1 XT-1 and start playing: make rock house with the sound of legendary electric guitars, like a Gibson SG 1973 or a Musicman Axis, and then take a leap with a superb guitar acoustic, like a Martin D35 or a Gibson J200! It depends on you, and the choices are endless!

Sim1 XT-1 has 12 PRE-LOADED Guitar Models:


Musicman® Axis | neck, mid, bridge 

Fender® Stratocaster® | neck, mid, bridge
Fender® Mustang® | neck, mid, bridge
Martin® D35 | mic'd
Gibson® 335 | neck, mid, bridge
Benedetto® 'Child' Archtop | neck
PRS® Santana® | neck, mid, bridge
Gibson® 175 | neck, mid, bridge
Gibson® SG 1974 | neck, mid, bridge
Gibson® 200 | mic'd
Gibson® LesPaul® | neck, mid, bridge
Fender® Telecaster® '64 | neck, mid, bridge



Furthermore, the desire for innovation has led SIM1 to design and develop an application, with a very intuitive interface approach, for IOS and Android systems. This app will allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet to the SIM1-XT1 pedal, via Wi-Fi * connection, in order to:
change the position of the tones in the pedal
share the tone and download it or let it download other users for free
try and buy new sounds from the SIM1 Guitar Store
transfer these sounds to the pedal
The "Sim1 Guitar" app is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play.
* Requires (optional) EW-7811Un USB WiFi adapter

N / S ratio> 100 dB 48,000 / 96,000 Hz
True Bypass

Input: 1/4 "input jack
Output: 1/4 "output
Balanced output / Balanced output
14.7 x 12.8 x 6.8cm
POWER 9V DC (center-negative)