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Palmer - POCKET AMP MK 2

Artnr: IDS0054700
Tarneaeg: 7-14 tööpäeva.

145.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 7.71 eurot


Portable Guitar Preamp

Wide range of authentic tube amplifier tones
Selectable amplifier styles, gain structure and mic position emulation
Master drive, level, bass and treble controls
Superior signal-to-noise ratio
Ideal for direct recording
Doubles as distortion pedal, practice amp and DI box
Pure analog device

In its new incarnation, the Palmer Pocket Amp MK 2 delivers an extended range of authentic tube amplifier tones from high headroom ultra clean to maxed out high gain distortion. With 3-position selector switches for amplifier design, gain structure and loudspeaker miking simulation the MK 2's hot rodded circuitry lets you easily configure vintage and modern sounds as well as your own while high performance op amps provide superior S/N ratio. For even more flexibility the Pocket Amp MK 2 sports master controls for drive and output level plus a 2-band EQ that has been carefully tailored for guitar applications. Featuring a durable die cast aluminium enclosure with balanced XLR and unbalanced 6.35 mm outputs in addition to 3.5 mm AUX input and headphones jacks the Palmer Pocket Amp MK 2 is more than just the go-to tool for direct recording. It doubles as a practice amp, overdrive and distortion pedal, standard guitar DI box when bypassed and replaces your stage amp when used with a sound and monitor system. The Pocket Amp MK 2 works on a 9V battery or optional power adapter, e.g. Palmer PW9V.