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Zoom B1Xon

Zoom - B1Xon

Artnr: IDS0027125
Tarneaeg: 1-7 tööpäeva.

82.00 EUR/tk


Taking bass effects to new heights at astonishingly affordable prices, the Zoom B1Xon is an amazingly versatile effects pedal destined to become an instant favourite in your arsenal of bass accessories. Whatever your level of skill, whatever your style of music, the Zoom B1Xon Bass Effects Pedal is sure to change the way you see your bass, and offer dozens of ways to mix up your sound and creativity.

Bigger brother of the B1on Pedal, the Zoom B1Xon Bass Pedal holds 5 extra stunning effects and a built-in expression pedal to control input level, output level, or alter any selected effect parameter.

• PedalVx - A simulation of a vintage British Wah
• PedalWah - Pedal Wah effect for bass guitar
• PDL Reso - Wah Pedal with strong character
• Bass Pedal Pitch - Use the onboard expression pedal to change pitch in real time
• Bass Pedal Mono Pitch - Pitch shifter specially for monophonic sound, the expression pedal can be used to shift single notes in real time