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Dunlop MXR MC402 Boost/Overdrive

Dunlop - MXR MC402 Boost/Overdrive

Artnr: IDS0053881
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

173.00 EUR/tk

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MXR joined forces with Custom Audio Electronics founder Bob Bradshaw to bring you the MC-402 Boost/Overdrive Pedal. Cleans up nicely when you roll back your guitar volume, making it extremely responsive to picking dynamics without thinning your tone. The warm sounding classic overdrive adds sustain and punch. High-quality components provide quiet operation and trouble-free interaction with other pedals on your board.

Custom Audio Electronics has made limited quantities of pedals for select clientele since 1980 and has now teamed up with MXR to bring these pedals to the masses.