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Ibanez S770-CZM

Ibanez S770-CZM Ibanez S770-CZM Ibanez S770-CZM Ibanez S770-CZM Ibanez S770-CZM

Ibanez - S770-CZM

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S770-CZM (Cosmic Blue Frozen Matte). Ibanez electric guitar.

The S model is a unique Ibanez design that has been around since -87, just as long as the RG model. It is a light and ergonomic guitar with a heavily sculpted body that is normally thick in the middle but gets much thinner towards the edges (on both front and back), it gives a shape that almost flows with the body when you stand up and plays. An ultimate guitar for guitarists who play long sets live, who practice long sessions or who just want an extremely ergonomic guitar. The model was originally only available with 22 fret necks but now has all 24 fret necks.
The guitar has an Ibanez Wizard III neck of Roasted Maple. Wizard III is a slightly thicker version of the popular Wizard profile, also a slightly rounder and softer profile. It also has a radius of 400mm instead of the Wizard neck's 430mm. A very nice neck for those who want a little more wood in their hand without the neck being thick and stiff. A fast and very easy-to-play neck equipped with 24 well-ground jumbo frets.

The guitar is lacquered transparent which really highlights the flames in the body of Nyatoh. A beautiful type of wood that goes a little warmer and more mellow in terms of sound. The treble is a little softly rounded, but without losing clarity and separation. It has a pleasant hump in the middle register which makes the sound when playing a melody/solo become fat and singing with long sustain. The bridge is Ibanez's excellent Edge-Zero II, a stable bridge that holds the tone very well.

• Wizard III Roasted Maple neck.
• Nyatoh body.
• Rosewood fretboard w/Off-set dot inlay.
• Jumbo band.
• DiMarzio Air Norton (H) neck pickup.
• DiMarzio True Velvet (S) mid. pickup truck.
• DiMarzio Tone Zone (H) bridge pickup.
• Edge Zero II tremolo bridge.
• Black hardware.
Matching case: Ibanez M300C.
Matching bag: Ibanez IGB540-BK.

• Scale: 648mm/25.5".
• Width at saddle: 43mm.
• Width at last fret: 58mm.
• Thickness at first fret: 19mm.
• Thickness at 12 frets: 21mm.
• Radius: 400mmR.

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