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Yamaha MG12


Yamaha - MG12

Artnr: IDS0027086
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280.00 EUR/tk

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From portable mixing rigs to permanent installations, Yamaha's new 2014 MG mixer lineup delivers the quality serious sound engineers are looking for. Models come with up to 16 channels and feature Yamaha's discrete, Class A D-PRE microphone preamps for high-quality sound. The five XU models include SPX digital effects processors and USB 2.0 connectivity, and all models with over 10 inputs sport upgraded 1-knob compressors.


  • Series includes 5 regular models and 5 XU models that feature SPX effects processors
  • Models with 10+ channels feature upgraded 1-knob compressors (models available with 4-16 channels)
  • Class A D-PRE microphone preamps deliver high headroom, low impedance, and clear full-range sound
  • XU models feature class-compliant USB 2.0 for recording and playback with computers and tablets
  • SPX effect processors provide you with a comprehensive suite of 24 effects

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