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RCF E 12

RCF - E 12

Artnr: IDS0085891
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

403.00 EUR/pcs

Igakuine kuumakse alates 14.58 eurot


E 12 provides six studio-quality 54 dB gain range Mic preamps with combo connectors. Two line inputs are switchable to Hi-Z input. The input section also features three stereo line inputs and a stereo return. Input channels from 1 to 4 are equipped with a single-control compressor.
The six mono channels are provided with 3-band EQs, including shelving high and low bands and a semi-parametric mid-band with frequency selection and switchable Q choice, wide or narrow. The stereo input channels are provided with a three band EQ.

6 Mic/line in, 3 stereo line IN
1 Stereo return input
4 Single-control dynamic compressors (ch.1 - ch.4)
3 Band semiparametric EQ
3 Band EQ on stereo inputs
4 Aux sends per channel
60 mm progressive faders with dust cover
1 Stereo groups
32-Bit floating-point z.core dsp effects section