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Power Dynamics PDM-D301

Power Dynamics - PDM-D301

Artnr: IDS0084409
Tarneaeg: 10-20 tööpäeva.

84.00 EUR/pcs


The PDM-D301 3-channel USB mixer with sound card is unique because its features cannot be found in any other device of its size. The mixer contains 1 mono and 1 stereo input channel with both a 2-band equalizer for the high and low controls. Further the mixer has tape inputs assignable to the main mix. The build-in USB sound card provides also the power for the mixer.
Built-in USB sound card
Combined Jack/XLR input with Phantom power
1 Stereo input channel with level control
1 Mono input channel with ultra low noise microphone pre-amplifiers
2-band EQ and pan/balanced per channel