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Mackie DL1608-Lightning

Mackie - DL1608-Lightning

Artnr: IDS0046743
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

535.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 18.75 eurot


Mackie DL1608 with new lightning but no one is extremely compact, 16-channel digital mixer with 16 studio-quality Onyx preamps, 6 sends and 24bit high-end Cirrus Logic AD / DA. What separates this mixer from the crowd is that all control is via one, or up to 10 iPads - either locked with padlock ™ in blender or wirelessly via WiFi router.
The ability to control the mixer via WiFi means that you can actually stand with your iPad in the audience and mix or your band members can have their own iPad to control their own audible. For each input channel, you have obviously EQ, compressor, gate and effects, and on all outputs and the Aux you have 31-band EQ, and Limiter. Of course you can save your settings as a snapshot and use the next gig!
All the audio processing takes place through the generous DSP in the blender, making sure you do not get any latency through the iPad: a, iPad: one only works as a controller just like a "keyboard to a computer." You can also record the master of your gig directly on the iPad: one and share with your friends right after the gig. In short, the DL1608 is firmly equipped with all the latest features!
Thanks to the iPad control becomes mixer extremely compact even though it actually has a full 16 mic preamps.