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Cerwin Vega CVI-218S

Cerwin Vega - CVI-218S

Artnr: IDS0016341
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The Cvi-218S (Contra-Sub) is a portable, dual eighteen inch dedicated subwoofer system designed to extend and supplement the low frequency extension of Cvi full range systems in live music and playback applications. The Cvi-218S features two high power, cast frame eighteen inch transducers with 3" voice coils for extended use during high SPL applications. Steel handles and pole mount cup are also featured for use as a base for pole mounted full range systems. This configuration allows the two drivers to work together in the same acoustic space to reduce distortion components caused by driver mechanical non-linearity when the system is driven at high levels. The result is cleaner, smoother low frequency reinforcement at higher SPL levels.

Featured Data:
•Model - Cvi-218S
•System Configuration - Dedicated subwoofer
•Connections - 2 ea.—¼" Phone Jack and Neutrik Speakon
•Low Frequency System - Dual Reflex loaded 18" transducer
•High Frequency System - N/A
•Enclosure Type - Vented, polygon
•Enclosure Structure - 18mm OSB, internal bracing
•External Covering - Black polypropylene fiber
•Grille Material - 18 gauge black powder coated steel
Performance Data:•Frequency Response - +/- 3 dB 51 Hz - 200 Hz
•Operating Range - -10 dB 36 Hz
•Nominal Impedance (Ohms) - Full Range 4 Ohms
•Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1W / 1M) - Full Range 100.5 dB
•Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL, @ 1M) - Full Range 134 dB
•Power Handling (Watts) - RMS 600 W / Program 1200 W / Peak 2400 W
•Nominal Directivity / -6dB points (Degrees) - Horizontal: N/A / Vertical: N/A