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Gibson P-90 Soapbar 90SBCC2

Gibson P-90 Soapbar 90SBCC2

Gibson - P-90 Soapbar 90SBCC2

Artnr: IDS0122782
Tarneaeg: 6-14 t├Â├Âp├Ąeva.

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First introduced in the early 1950s, Gibson's legendary P-90 single coil pickup produced a raw powerful tone that helped define the blues and rock and roll in their formative years. Today, the P-90's traditional combination of high output and brilliant tone is still considered a favorite among many top musicians. Known by the familiar nickname, the "Soapbar," the P-90 still cuts through any type of music, all while displaying amazing tonal sensitivity for everything from blues and rock to mellow jazz riffs. It's perfect as a vintage replacement and features vintage, braided two-conductor wiring. It's also fully wax potted to eliminate any chance of unwanted microphonic feedback.

Position: Any
Magnet: Alnico 5
Wiring: 2-Conductor
Cover: Cream Soapbar
Wax Potted
Average DC Resistance: 8K
Details: 50s Historic tone, warm and soulful.