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Gator Cases GC-BASS-LED

Gator Cases - GC-BASS-LED

Artnr: IDS0127708
Tarneaeg: 4-10 t├Â├Âp├Ąeva.

251.00 EUR/tk

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Gator Cases is the first to offer the durable protection of the GC electric guitar case matched with the luxury of the interior LED light fixtures. Designed from durable ABS plastic, the exterior of the GC electric guitar LED Edition case is built to withstand impact and guard your guitar from dust and other damaging elements. The closures and outer edges are outfitted with heavy-duty aluminum valances to protect the case against damage. The LED Edition of this electric guitar case from Gator Cases is the first of its kind. As you open the lid of your electric guitar case, the LED light embedded in the interior of the case lid will switch on, perfectly illuminating the storage spaces next to your guitar so you can quickly find your pick and other accessories on the side stage before the show. The LED light can also be adjusted to be manually turned on and off. The GC electric guitar case LED Edition from Gator Cases offers the premium protection that your electric guitar deserves.

Heavy-duty ABS plastic exterior to resist impact, dust and dirt
Fitted EPS foam interior to protect against scratches and damage
Interior LED light illuminates storage pockets next to bass guitar
Extra-strength handles offer a firm grip
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Valances Protect the Case’s Alignment and Structure
Secured Latches Lock to Keep Your Instrument Safe At All Times
Special LED Edition Badge on the Exterior of the Case