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Ultrasone DJ1PRO

Ultrasone - DJ1PRO

Artnr: IDS0013130
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

182.00 EUR/tk


The sound has been tested by DJs and competitors and proved as the best in the whole DJ-sector. With its black & white outfit it glows slightly in the UV-lights of discotheques and the DJ1-logo is recognizable where ever it shows up. For the needs of DJs it is most important to deal with S-Logic headphones considering health and safe-hearing aspects. Its robustness in addition to the Natural Surround Sound System makes the DJ1 one of the most demanded headphones in the this sector. With its particularly efficient 50 mm Mylar-electroacoustical transducer these headphones are especially designed for DJs. As a result of the high efficiency they produce an impressive sound pressure even with a high environmental sound intensity. Furthermore they are made for a high power input.

» S-Logic(TM) Natural Surround Sound for a more natural, lifelike sound
» Safer listening, less fatigue - SPL levels to the ear drum are decreased by up to 40% (3-4dB) for the same perceived loudness
» ULE technology with MU Metal shielding to reduce radiation by up to 98% as compared to ordinary headphones
» 50mm professional durable Mylar driver provides high volumes and superb isolation
» 1/8 inch gold plated plug, gold plated screw adaptor, demo CD, and carry bag included