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Artnr: IDS0122755
Tarneaeg: 1-3 t├Â├Âp├Ąeva. Kaup on poes saadaval

195.00 EUR/tk

Igakuine kuumakse alates 9.99 euro


Waza Craft innovation for a premium analog tone experience
Premium booster and preamp pedal with analog circuitry derived from legendary BOSS and Roland effects
Versatile design with three selectable modes
CE mode reproduces the bright, bell-like preamp sound of the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
RE mode reproduces the fat, warm preamp sound of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo
NAT mode provides a natural clean boost with minimal sound coloration
Gain knob controls the amount of saturation introduced into the signal
Level knob for controlling the overall volume and driving the inputs of amps and other pedals
Selectable standard or vintage input buffer with different tone and response characteristics
Made in Japan
BOSS five-year warranty