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Warwick Hellborg Stereo Power 2-250 W

Warwick - Hellborg Stereo Power 2-250 W

Artnr: IDS0037741
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1627.00 EUR/tk


The Stereo Power 250 is intended to perform different tasks when that is needed. It can be used to power different bi-amped setups, stereo setups and act as a powerful 500W mono amp. So if you play in many different situations with different setups this would be a practical alternative. The Hellborg Stereo Power 250 has an output of 2x250 watts, the output impedance is selectable (2, 4 or 8?) for each channel. Furthermore the amp can be driven in bridged mode with 1x500 watts at 4, 8 or 16?.

Power Requirement: 230 / 115 V
Technology: Bipolar Power Amp with Speaker Output transformer
Power Output (stereo): 2x250 watts
Power Output (bridged): 500 watts
Inputs: 2x0", 0dB
Outputs: 0" and lockable Coaxial Speaker Connection
Controls / Switches: Level 1, Level 2 (both with clip LED); Power (On/Off); Voltage Selector (115/230V); Ground / Lift; Stereo/Bridge; Output Impedance: 2,4 or 8 Ohms (stereo); 4,8 or 16 Ohms (bridged)
Weight: 46,35 lb (21kg)
Dimensions (W/H/D): 19" / 2RU / 16,5" (420mm)