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TC Electronic Combo 450

TC Electronic - Combo 450

Artnr: IDS0011178
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Combo450 features a 450 watt bass head identical to the world class RH450 including its unique tone control section, TubeTone™, delivering all of the rich characteristics of a full-on tube amp as well as SpectraComp™ offering 'per string' compression for more bite and punch than any other bass amp compressor. Combo450 also includes the on-board chromatic bass tuner, three user memories alongside our Active Power Management™ system, giving it maximum power impact and result in Combo450 behaving like a tube amp at full blast - all key features that don't exist in any other combo.

* Spectra Comp Control
* Tube Tone Control
* Three User Memories
* Flexible Tone Control
* Integrated Chromatic Tuner
* Rehearsal Input
* World Ready power supply
* Digital Recording output
* Integrated Linedriver
* Handle and wheels for portability
* 450 watt power handling