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Electro-Harmonix Germanium Overdrive

Electro-Harmonix - Germanium Overdrive

Artnr: IDS0013781
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

82.00 EUR/tk


The Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD overdrive pedal gives you some of that classic '60s tone.
Thanks to a handpicked germanium transistor and some incredibly intuitive and responsive controls,
the Germanium OD lets you dial in great vintage-style sound with ease. Packed into a rugged metal chassis,
this pedal is perfect for tonemeisters who need a dependable onstage overdrive with that classic vibe,
and it's sized to fit comfortably in your pedalboard rig. If you're looking for "the real thing" in '60s tone,
look no further than the Germanium OD!

* Gain control
* Bias control
* Volts control
* Status LED