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Prodipe DMA-mic


Prodipe - DMA-mic

Artnr: IDS0028573
Tarneaeg: 2-10 tööpäeva.

228.00 EUR/tk


The DMA is specially designed to record: Drums - Instruments rich in harmonics (piano, strings, etc.). Vocal groups “All through my career, I have never recorded without putting an extra couple of ambiance mics in the corner of the room. This gives a richer drum recording and a greater authenticity in relation to the intensity of the sound. That’s why with Prodipe I wanted to create the DMA, a mic which has been specially adapted to record ensembles. It is also recommended for recording pianos and any instrument where you need to capture the harmonics. So it’s intended for recording drums, but for other ensembles too, such as vocal or strings. Furthermore, the advantage of this mic is that it has an integrated suspension system to ensure that no sound waves are going to bring in untimely vibrations from outside.” Claude Salmiéri YES to PRODIPE!"

Features: •Element: Gold-plated Diaphragm Capsule Ø 22 mm
•Transducer Principle: Pressure Gradient Transducer
•Polar Pattern: Uni-directional
•Frequency Response: 30Hz-18 kHz
•Sensitivity: -36dB±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at1kHz)
•Output Impedance: 200?±30% (at1kHz)
•Load Impedance: ?1000?
•Equivalent Noise Level: ?22dB A (IEC 581-5)
•Max. Input SPL: ?130dB (T.H.D?1% at1kHz)
•Bass Filter: 12dB/octave at 100Hz
•Power Requirements: 48V DC Phantom Power Claude Salmiéri