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Neumann TLM-107 Bk Studio Set

Neumann - TLM-107 Bk Studio Set

Artnr: IDS0059872
Tarneaeg: 3-14 tööpäeva.

1354.00 EUR/pcs


Product Overview
With five directional characteristics and a novel operating concept, the TLM 107 captures sound without
any compromises. Featuring impressive level handling and low self-noise, it clearly captures everything
from the softest whisper to loud, thundering drums. Its extensive performance spectrum and high-precision
reproduction allows for limitless possibilities in mixing and post-production. With its classic proportions and
fresh, modern design, it perfectly embodies the Neumann philosophy: innovation based on tradition.

Neumann Engineering
The TLM 107 produces optimal sound not only in the
cardioid setting, but in all of the other directional
characteristics as well. The sound always remains
balanced, with an almost linear reproduction of up to
8 kHz, and a slight boost in the highest frequencies
that lends presence and freshness to the voice. The
grille is acoustically optimized for low sensitivity to
harsh “p” and “s” sounds. In addition, the capsule
is edge-terminated, with both diaphragms at
ground voltage. This ensures considerably reduced
sensitivity to dust and humidity.

No-Compromise Sound Design
Transformerless circuitry in the TLM 107 permits a high degree of linearity and a large dynamic range.
It allows for high-level handling while simultaneously featuring a self-noise of only 10 dB-A. The low
cut linear, 40 Hz, and 100 Hz settings are intended for standard recording situations. The maximum
sound pressure level of 141 dB SPL can be increased to 153 dB SPL via pre-attenuation, which enables
the TLM 107 to transmit the sound of even the loudest instruments without distortion.

Innovative Operating Concept
All of the TLM 107’s switch functions are controlled intuitively via a navigation switch. It features an
illuminated pattern display in the chrome ring and an LED display to the left and right of the switch that
indicates pad and low cut status. After ten seconds, the display automatically turns off.

Delivery Includes
- TLM 107 Microphone
- EA 4 Elastic Suspension
- Carton Box