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Golden Age Project GA-47

Golden Age Project - GA-47

Artnr: IDS0072127
Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva.

1645.00 EUR/pcs


For their Premier GA-47 large-diaphragm tube condenser mic, Golden Age Project set a lofty design target: one of the most revered and sought-after microphones ever made. This classic mic is heard on countless iconic recordings. Legendary artists like the Beatles, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, and John Coltrane all owe their sound, in part, to the original '47. Frank Sinatra wouldn't go near any other vocal mic. Mercury recorded full symphony orchestras with only three of them set to omnidirectional. The Golden Age Premier GA-47 is handcrafted to the tightest tolerances using top-drawer materials. Its sound has been honed through meticulous real-world testing. The result is a mic with a warm, sweet sonic character and the ability to render virtually any source with authoritative self-assuredness.

Performs like a pro
Handcrafted in small production runs of fifty units, the Golden Age Premier GA-47 is built for critical recording applications, and you can use it on any voice or instrument with confidence. Its 140dB maximum SPL lets you mic drums, dimed electric guitar amps, and other extremely loud sources without fear of overload. It lends authority to lead vocals, helping them to sit perfectly in the track and cut through the mix. The GA-47 delivers huge, punchy kick drums and toms. Electric guitars are fat and beefy. Pianos, strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion are rendered with life-like vitality. However you use it, the Golden Age Premier GA-47 will perform like a pro.
Hybrid capsule design
The build quality of the GA-47 is, in a word, impressive. The microphone body is made of brass, the iron grille (a critical component that affects a mic's sonic character) is similar to the original's. Designed to meet the requisites of modern recordings, the GA-47's hybrid capsule design blends the characteristics of vintage K47 and K67 capsule types. The capsule is dual-sided to provide the GA-47 with both cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns — just like the original '47 — to give you tremendous latitude in your recording techniques. In order to ensure consistency between units, approximately 200 capsules are evaluated for each production run in order to select 50 capsules with specifications that lie within the GA-47's tight tolerance specifications.
Vintage-spec tube and transformer
The GA-47 employs a new-old-stock Telefunken 800 Series super-low-noise pentode tube connected in triode mode in order to decrease noise and distortion. This tube is a modern derivative of the VF14M used in the original '47. The GA-47's custom-designed 6.5:1 dual-bobbin output transformer, built for Golden Age by a reputable transformer factory using high-quality core material, is a replica of the BV8 transformer used in the vintage '47.
Capacitors and resistors
The UK-made axial coupling capacitor in the Golden Age GA-47 was selected for its full, yet delicate sound and broad frequency response. The other capacitors specified are MIAL polystyrene film capacitors with very low loss. The USA-made Allen Bradley carbon film resistors were selected for their warm, vintage sound.
The best of vintage and modern
We all agree that vintage gear sounds awesome, but the reality is that manufacturing materials and precision back then were not up to today's standards. With the design of the GA-47, Golden Age takes a "best of vintage and modern" approach. The electronic circuit is mostly assembled using point-to-point wiring (as opposed to printed circuit boards); the ground connections are tied together using insulated soldering. Silver-plated, Teflon-insulated copper wire is used for the internal connections.

The vintage-style, low-noise power supply unit employs a high-power R-style transformer with a minimal stray field. The electrolytic capacitors are designed for high-quality audio applications. A simple, effective circuit applies dual-stage filtering to the filament voltage. The high voltage is precisely filtered and stabilized using an ON semiconductor zener diode. The PSU connecting cable is custom manufactured using 99.99% pure oxygen-free copper, teflon insulation, and tin foil and high-braid-density mesh cable shielding. All connectors are gold-plated.
Vintage sound, without the headaches
Sweetwater's advice: locating, purchasing, restoring, and maintaining a vintage '47 would be both costly and time-consuming. Golden Age GA-47 delivers the sonic essence of this classic mic, along with reliable, high-quality components, state-of-the-art performance, and a warranty. All at a price that won't decimate your studio equipment budget.
The Golden Age Project
The Golden Age Project was founded in 2005 on the belief that vintage gear sounds best, and the desire to pass on this sonic legacy to a new generation of musicians, engineers, and producers. All discrete, Class A signal paths with no integrated circuits; the use of transformers, stepped controls, and military-grade build quality: these are the cornerstones of the legendary British equipment deployed in world-class recording and broadcast studios in the 1970s — the Golden Age of analog. Fat, warm, punchy, and authoritative; this is the sound heard on countless hits for nigh unto half a century. Locating, purchasing, restoring, and maintaining vintage gear is time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, this small, family-owned Swedish company makes gear the same way it was made back in the day — at an amazingly gentle price.

A distributor of high-end studio equipment for many years, Golden Age Project founder Bo Medin wanted to be able to offer products with much of the same exclusive sound in a price range that made them available to a larger audience. Inspired by original designs, Golden Age uses modern technology to re-create that lush, opulent sound, making it surprisingly affordable. They use some modern ingenuity to add new functionality to superb classic designs and produce them in a cost-effective way which allows them to be both optimized and affordable. From outboard equipment to condenser, dynamic, and ribbon mics; you can outfit your entire studio with vintage-inspired Golden Age gear without exceeding your budget.
Golden Age Premiere GA-47 Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone Features:
No-compromise, high-end components and build quality
Handcrafted in small production runs of 50 units
Point-to-point wiring, no printed circuit boards used
Capsule specially designed to complement the electronic circuit of the GA-47, selected within very tight tolerances
Membrane material: 6-micron gold-coated Mylar
Capsule isolated on a 7mm-thick aluminum plate to minimize physical vibrations
The sensitivity of the front and back side of the capsule do not differ more than 0.3dB
Tight manufacturing tolerances for excellent unit-to-unit consistency
All soldering points made with Mudorf Msolder Supreme SilverGold solder
Includes external PSU and connecting cable, spider-type shockmount, solid wood microphone box, and tweed flight case
Frequency response: 20Hz–20KHz
Polar pattern: selectable between cardioid and omnidirectional
Sensitivity: 12mV/Pa
Rated Impedance: 200 ohms
Equivalent Noise Level: 10dB
Max SPL: 140dB
Backplate material: brass
Capsule diameter: 35mm
Membrane diameter: 27mm