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Blue Bottle Mic Locker

Blue - Bottle Mic Locker

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6983.00 EUR/pcs


The Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker is like having an entire mic locker in a single package. This specially priced bundle gives you Blue's acclaimed Bottle Rocket Stage One plus four of the world's most classic microphone capsules that you can swap in and out to get the perfect sound, every time, for any vocal or instrument type.
The Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker is a unique system featuring Blue’s acclaimed Bottle Rocket Stage One microphone, plus four interchangeable capsules representing the world’s most iconic mic sounds. Each of the four capsules, called Bottle Caps, can be quickly swapped during a session, allowing for fast access to a huge palette of recording possibilities for any vocal or instrument type—all without interrupting the creative process.

Why have just one microphone when you can have FOUR in ONE?
If you’re thinking about investing in a new mic, consider the creative power and flexibility that Bottle Rocket Mic Locker brings to your studio. Shoot out all four capsules to find the right sound, layer tracks with different capsules for richer, larger-than-life mixes, and explore new tones for your instruments—all with one portable package. The system comes housed in a road-ready SKB hard-shell case, complete with microphone, four capsules and shockmount. Now, you can show up to any recording session with your own mic locker in hand.

Bottle Rocket Stage One
Bottle Rocket Stage One is the foundation of the Bottle Rocket Mic Locker. It’s a hand-built Class-A discrete solid-state microphone that features exceptionally low self-noise (<7.5dB) and high output (+12dBV). And with exceptional sonic clarity, it accurately delivers the nuances of the different Bottle Caps for any studio recording application.

Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker Features
Bottle Rocket Stage One microphone body - clear, strong amplifier which doesn't color the natural capsule character
Includes four "lollipop" Bottle Caps, each delivering its own kind of classic sonic inspiration
Suspension mic mount for reducing vibration
Special custom SKB case for all elements of the kit
Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker Specifications
Directional pattern: Cardioid (with included Bottle Caps)
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity (1kHz into 2.5kΩ): 27mV/Pa (+/−10mV)
Rated impedance: 50Ω
Rated load impedance: Not less than 1kΩ
Noise level a-weighted (iec 651): Not more than 7.5dBV–14dBV
Max output (1% thd into 2.5kΩ): +12dBV = 3.1 Vrms
Max spl (1.0% thd into 2.5kΩ): 138dB
Dynamic range (2.5kΩ load): 130dB
Supply voltage (IEC 268-15): +48V phantom power (+35V min.)
Current draw (typical AI+48V): : 1.8mA
Compatible with all 9 Bottle Caps from the Blue Bottle Cap Series.
Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker Includes
Bottle Rocket Stage One
4 Interchangeable Bottle Caps:B0 Bottle Cap - Silky, extended presence
B6 Bottle Cap - Classic warmth, larger-than-life sound
B7 Bottle Cap - Vintage detailed mids with airy presence
B8 Bottle Cap - Crystal-clear sound with incredible detail
Custom SKB Hard Shell Carry Case