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Audio-Technica AT5040


Audio-Technica - AT5040

Artnr: IDS0016858
Tarneaeg: 2-7 tööpäeva.

3622.00 EUR/tk


Designed as the flagship studio microphone for Audio-Technica, the AT5040 employs new design and premium components to deliver high-definition audio. An all-new rectangular element combines four matched diaphragms together to create a single cohesive unit. With an area twice the size of the usual 1" diaphragm, the AT5040 delivers realism, depth, presence, and purity of sound. A fast transient response makes it perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments such as piano, guitar, strings and saxophone. As soon as the sound from this mic hits your ears, you'll know you're on to something special. Bring the high-definition sound of the Audio-Technica AT5040 to your studio today.

State-of-the-art diaphragm delivers high definition sound
Internal shockmount keeps unwanted noise away
Transparent highs, rich lows and low noise
Precision-built diaphragm and electronics