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Ortega ODWS-1

Ortega - ODWS-1

Artnr: IDS0086045
Tarneaeg: 3-8 tööpäeva.

131.00 EUR/pcs


ODWS-1. Digital wireless system, 4 channels, transmitter & receiver.

The Ortega Digital Wireless System
Developed for instruments/plug-in use, features a 2,4 Ghz digital technology broadcasts incredible crystal-clearaudio quality. Ready to use in seconds, the system offers four operating channels (A, B, C, D), power/chargeindicator and a rechargeable, built-in battery (+2500 charging circles). A latency of < 5 ms and a full rangefrequency coverage of 20 Hz ? 20 kHz secures great, detailed and non-delayed sound.
The ODWS-1 supportsactive & passive systems as well as acoustic piezo devices. Clever - with the receiver and transmitter being different colors you can now easily tell them apart.