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ART Phantom II PRO

ART - Phantom II PRO

Artnr: IDS0015366
Tarneaeg: 10-15 tööpäeva.

80.00 EUR/tk


Use the ART Phantom II Pro to give your condenser microphones the clean, reliable phantom power they need! This dual phantom power supply is the ideal way to add 48 volts of phantom power to a mixer channel or audio interface that doesn't have it available. Just keep the ART Phantom II Pro in your studio or live sound toolkit, in case you need to get creative with how you pipe channels into your mixer or interface. Built into a rugged extruded aluminum case, the efficient Phantom II Pro can even be powered by battery for total on-the-go-convenience. Of course, for your extended sessions, there's also an AC power option available on the ART Phantom II Pro.

Dual phantom power supply
Provides 48 volts of phantom power
Two XLR (Female) inputs and two XLR (Male) outputs
Can be powered by a standard 9V battery
Can be powered with an external AC power supply
Rugged extruded aluminum case with accessible battery compartment
LED lighted On/Off switch
Low-noise, low-distortion circuitry