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Headphone Monitoring Amplifier 500 Series module
Headphone Monitoring Amp with SPL Phonitor Matrix in the format of a 500 series rack module
Two separate headphone outputs each equipped with a separate amplifier stage
The Phonitor Matrix eliminates the super-stereo-effect inherent in traditional headphone amplifier designs
Speaker-like listening experience on headphones
Crossfeed and Speaker Angle can be individually adjusted to achieve a headphone playback sounding equal to your loudspeaker playback
Center Level to correctly level the phantom center signals when mixing on headphones
The HPm can easily be inserted between the DAW and a monitor controller because the input signals of the HPm are slaved through to the outputs of the 500 series rack
Phase Inversion of left or right channel as well as a Stereo/Mono/Mute switch round off the feature set of the HPm
Dual-slot 500 series rack module
Made in Germany