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Bellari HA540 tube headphone amplifier

Bellari - HA540 tube headphone amplifier

Artnr: IDS0071930
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292.00 EUR/pcs

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The Bellari VP540 is a audiophile grade headphone amplifier. The all class A signal path ensures smooth clean analog audio. The 0 feedback design means smooth natural analog response. It features 2 input paths and high gain for MP3 players, ipod, etc and a low gain path from audio selectors, mixers, satellite receivers, etc.. It also features direct into the tube grid coupling for no loss or distortion. The unit is included with a universal powersupply for use most anywhere in the world.

Direct to the grid coupling
Zero feedback, what comes out is what went in, nothing "extra".
Over 200 volts plate voltage
2 Switchable input channels
Output jacks for both 1/4 and 3.5mm connectors
Both 3.5mm and gold RCA input jacks
Universal power supply
CH 1 input 3.5mm and RCA jacks
CH2 input RCA color coded jacks
Max overall avaliable gain 35dB (that's a lot!)
Bandwidth: 5 - 40K Hz
input Z 500K Hi / 50K Low Level
Power 15VDC
Power indicator blue LED