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ARX Ear Driver

ARX - Ear Driver

Artnr: IDS0056829
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The ARX Ear Driver is an ultra compact Headphone monitoring breakout box, allowing you to independently adjust the audio levels of up to 4 sets of headphones. Internally, stereo true Class AB amplifiers drive the headphones, for pristine audio reproduction

Expanded Input Options
As well as Left and Right 6.5mm (1/4") jack inputs, there is also a stereo Mini jack input, making the unit usable with any portable media player. Inserting a 6.5mm/1/4" into the Left Input only will Mono all Outputs for added flexibility.

The Ear Driver's heavy duty all-steel chassis is finished in attractive matt textured blue polyurethane, with hardwearing epoxy screen printing and slip resistant rubber base pad.

The Ear Driver requires 9 - 15V DC power to operate. This can be supplied from any well regulated 9 or 12 Volt wall mounted DC power supply, with the connector wired Centre Pin positive (+) and Outer Sleeve negative (–).
Security features include Kensington®-type computer lock slot and optional bracket kit for under-table mounting.

Feature packed, compact and powerful, the intuitive ARX Ear Driver is a true professional Four channel headphone amplifier for any individual mionitoring application.