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Metric Halo 2d card for ULN-2

Metric Halo - 2d card for ULN-2

Artnr: IDS0014517
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509.00 EUR/tk


The Metric Halo 2d Card for ULN-2 is a massive hardware upgrade for Mobile I/O which is included in all currently shipping hardware models (also known as "Expanded" units), and is available as an upgrade for all older interfaces (known as "Legacy" units). The 2d Card greatly enhances the DSP processing power of the Mobile I/O, adds a brand new ADAT implementation and also improves the clock of any unit into which it is installed. The 2d Card supercharges your Mobile I/O, allowing you to create complex mixers and processing with DSP to spare. With full support for all sample-rates and flexible multi-bus routing, you can make your 2d Expanded Mobile I/O do anything you can think of — including multiple cue busses with deep DSP zero-latency processing.