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Sennheiser HD25 Blue [Limited Edition]

Sennheiser - HD25 Blue [Limited Edition]

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Limited Edition Blue. Also black earpads are included.

Sennheiser HD-25 Monitoring Headphone - dynamic, closed, on-ear, impedance: 70 ohms, max. spl 120 dB (1kHz, 1Vrms), frequency response: 16 -22000 Hz, THD(1kHz)<0,3%, load rating 200 mW, rotatable capsule for one-ear listening, split headband, one-sided cable run, 1,5m cable, 3,5mm stereo jack and 6,3mm jack adapter, weight: 140 g without cable, follow up model of HD-25-1-II Basic Edition


For a limited time only, the classic Sennheiser ‘HD 25’, is available in a stunning blue finish!

Sennheiser’s ‘HD 25’ is possibly the most popular professional DJ headphone today. The choice of DJs around the globe, due to its spectacular sound quality, high level of comfort and lasting durability. Each detail of the HD 25 is able to be easily replaced, from cable to capsule, even its iconic split headband! A familiar sight seen in booths across the world since the 1990s, Sennheiser’s ‘HD 25’ has since been the choice of the Pro DJ and is rightly considered the industry standard. Boasting a frequency response of 16Hz – 22kHz and sky-high sensitivity thanks to its lightweight aluminium voice coils, the latest incarnation of the HD 25 is seriously packing!

The classic HD 25 really shines in club environments, thanks to its natural ability to cope with high sound pressure levels. The super-lightweight over ear design is capable of delivering 120dB, allowing you to monitor in the booth regardless of the in-house rig and its monitors!

As you’d expect, the capsules are able to be rotated and the split headband offers a splendid fit, even through the longest of nights in the booth. The HD 25 was born for the club scene, they’re sure to remain comfortable and you can expect years upon years of use from these classic headphones!
120 dBMax SPL
16Hz-22kHzFrequency Response
70 ΩImpedance


• Split headband and padded earcups provide incredible comfort
• Wide frequency response (16Hz-22kHz) allows for highly precise monitoring
• Excellent SPL handling (up to 120dB) for working in loud environments
• Closed-back design yields effective ambient noise isolation
• 70-ohm nominal impedance for universal compatibility
• Flip-away earcup for one-ear listening