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D'Addario DFAS304

D'Addario - DFAS304

Artnr: IDS0032333
Tarneaeg: 3-8 tööpäeva.

10.00 EUR/tk


Template touch for violin or viola fingerboard 3/4 Violin 304mm 3/4 (viola 330mm). The D'Addario Fingerboard Appliqu?© was developed by the music educator Peter Stoney to help make the instrument easier to learn, play and enjoy. Its design promotes proper finger placement using a tactile approach, allowing the player feel the contact point for the note. The Appliqu?© is also an ideal solution for easily adding a subtle frets to the violin tool, making it easier for players of fretted instruments passed to the violin, and also extends the flexibility of the instrument to use modern playing styles. The Fingerboard Appliqu?© is available in two styles: an "optical" version with gold colored lines to provide a visual signal and a "touch" which is the solid black version and almost invisible on the fingerboard. The Appliqu?© installs in minutes and is easy to remove when no longer needed.